Hello Trail Riders, Now that January is over, we should be looking forward to February. This time of the year FOR THE MOST PART, we have wonderful weather, so more riding and events are planned. January, we had 2 camp outs, 1 planned ride and several pickup rides. February, we have 1 camp out scheduled; a couples of rides but most importantly, the Horse Tales/Black Stallion Reading Program and of course the ORANGE BLOSSOM PARADE. These 2 events are where we showcase the club, people recognize the S.F.T.R’s by name because of them. We do need volunteers and parade participants, the more the better, so please call Kathy, details inside. If you have been to Tree Tops, you probably have seen the new hitching posts that the club replaced. We know that they are being used as some of them already have been chewed by our beloved horses. We would like to plan a work day to either paint them or if anyone has any ideas or materials that would protect them from weather and TEETH, please let us know. Also this year at the Orange Blossom Festival, we are tossing around the idea of having a vendor’s booth to expose the club to possibly some new horse owners and the general public. This would be for Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th. If you are interested in working a couple of hours on Saturday, please let me know. We would like to set up a table and tent to hand out flyers, newsletters, raffle some SFTR’s t-shirts, have some photos of events, camp outs and socials, let’s do what we can to promote our club. I hope to see more of you on the trails, at the meetings or on the road. |

Tina West

Monthly Meeting Next meeting:

Feb 25 Guest Speaker: Angie Bryant, Seminole Feed


    • Feb. 2 ……Super Bowl Pickup Ride
    • Feb 16….. Sweetheart Ride
    • Feb 20-23.. Lake Louisa Camp out
    • Feb 26… Black Stallion Reading Program
    • Feb 29…….Orange Blossom Parade

Upcoming Rides and Events February to March 2020

Feb 2nd (Sun) Super Bowl Pickup Ride, Vista View, wear your team colors, possible cook out, call Kathy Cox for details (954)593-6478. Feb 16th (Sun) Sweetheart Ride- Tree Tops TB: Clement Tremblay.

Fed 20th – 23rd (Thurs- Sun) Lake Louisa Campout, TB: Brian & Kathy Bovee. Feb 25th (Tues) General Meeting discuss Orange Blossom Parade, also guest speaker (Angie) Seminole Feed

Feb 26th (Wed) Black Stallion Reading Program, TB: Kathy Cox, details inside Feb 29th (Sat) Orange Blossom Parade

Mar 5th – 8th (Thurs-Sun) Colt Creek Campout TB: Becky Swerdloff (352)279-3594 Mar 12th-20th (Thurs-Fri) Osceola Wagon Train , TB: Susan Jowers (407)922-0239 call for info

Mar 14th (Sat) Jim Brandon Day Ride, TB: Kathy Cox/Sandy Wagner Mar (29th (Sun) Fun Show, TB: Bob Surgan, detail to follow May be more rides added or canceled, so please keep an eye out for email blasts Ifanyonewouldliketopickuparidedayornight,pleasecontactmeTina (954-319-1203)

Seminole Feed Representative Angie Bryant at February 25, General Meeting. Tuesday, February 25, our speaker will be Angie Bryant from Seminole Feed. No matter how much you know or what you feed, there is always something new to learn. Be sure to put this on your list of things to do. Angie always brings goodies for us and who knows what you might win? Not to mention, you can ask questions. See you there!

Nicole’s Law” This law requires any child under the age of 16 years and riding an equine on any public lands, roads, or trails to wear a certified helmet.



Wild Horse Tales Reading Program At Bergeron Rodeo Grounds Wednesday, February 26, 2020

It’s time to share our wonderful horse friends with over three hundred first graders at the Bergeron Rodeo Arena in Davie for the Nick Coffin Wild Horse Tales Reading Program, formerly called the Black Stallion Reading Program. This fun and rewarding event will take place on Wednesday, February 26. We need about 20 horses and 40 volunteers to make this program work. If you have a horses that can tolerate getting groomed by first graders, or might like to be read to by some first graders, please volunteer your horse and time. We need about five or six horses each for the grooming and reading stations, one for the horseshoeing demonstration and one for the Tacking Up Station. We also need volunteers for our “Horses Through History Show” if you can demonstrate your breed of horse at the beginning of the program. We will need to be at the rodeo arena by 8:30 and will be finished around noon. For more information and to volunteer please call Kathy Cox at 954 593 6478.

Kathy Cox

Orange Blossom Parade, Saturday, February 29 We will meet at Bergeron Rodeo Grounds at 8:30 to tack up and get ready for our annual parade in downtown Davie. We need to leave and ride to the staging area for the parade by 9:30 in order to be ready for the 10 AM step off. We have some extra parade shirts if you don’t have one. If you have a shirt that you no longer need, please contact me. Also, if you can carry a flag or want to participate please contact Kathy Cox at 954 593 6478. Kathy Cox Pick Up Ride at Robbins Lodge Watching the weather proved fruitful as Sunday, January 27 looked like a perfect riding day. The Club had nothing scheduled so we did an email blast to see who was interested. Ride out time was 10:30 and by 10:15 we were all ready to go. We were missing Wendy Le June but she boards close by and was riding over so we rode out to meet her. Clement Trembley, Geoff Goldstein, Chris Rogers, Sandy Wagner, Nikki Chung, Laura Driscoll, Wendy Le June and I left Robbins and headed north toward 14th Street, Old Bridge Run and Peaceful Ridge Road. We rode for 2.5 hours and covered about nine miles. The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool, and the horses hardly broke a sweat. The trails were in surprisingly good condition and we came back on Peaceful Ridge Road, which is always a thriller since there is no place to bale off the side of the road. We had courteous neighbors though and everyone managed to get where they had to go without incident. After we got back some of us stayed for lunch enjoying the conversation and beautiful weather. Hope everyone got out to ride that day, even if you didn’t make the pickup ride. We don’t get many perfect days. Happy Trails.

Kathy Cox


Eleven members of South Florida Trail Riders made the trek to McCulley Farms in Jasper, Florida to ring in the New Year. Gary and Myra Lehmann, Todd and Chris Rogers, Dave and Hilda Testa, Karen and Ron Galipeault, Vince Queral, Carol Olsen, and Lisa Wood. For the most part the weather cooperated. Clear, sunny days for riding and chilly nights for enjoying good food and great company around the campfire. Our one drizzly day we headed into the town of Live Oak for the obligatory visit to Tractor Supply, shopping at the local tack shop and snacks and beverages at the Brown Lantern. We all enjoyed several nice long rides along the Withlacoochee River and in the pine forest; finally finding the elusive “Lost Lake”. We played on the McCulleys obstacle course and got to witness, not once but twice, the trick riding skills of our newest member Ron Galipeault! Ask him for details next time you see him! As always, food was plentiful. We had a pizza night, a low country boil, and an open grill night with everyone bringing their main course to cook over our large open fire. And of course our signature breakfasts of bacon, bagels, lettuce and tomato! The MCCulley’s provided food and entertainment on New Years Eve. Including a modified New Years toast with the theme “it’s midnight somewhere”! Some of us actually saw the ball drop at midnight while others had retired to their campers. The festivities wrapped up on New Year’s Day with a fried chicken lunch to include black eyed peas for health and collard greens for prosperity. Happy 2020! Chris Rogers

Tacky Gift Ride 2020

The Tacky Gift ride requires a great deal of plotting and planning in order to pull of the desired outcome. Then again, some things are just dumb luck. First, we moved the ride from Robbins to Oak Hill. We arranged to ride out at 10:30 which was a little later than usual. The weather was a bit iffy but we all decided to ride in the rain if we had to. It turned out the overcast skies only made the ride more pleasant. Walter Anon didn’t get the memo about moving the ride, but a few folks ran late and we waited for him. The Dagens almost cancelled but decided to take a chance on the weather. We had a great ride and after two hours returned to the park for the Tacky Gift Exchange. Leigh and Rick Wessel showed up after the ride. They just came for lunch and the gift exchange It is always a good idea to survey the gift table for certain features. If the gift is well wrapped and decorated, one should be suspicious of its contents. Someone is trying to lure you into choosing a really tacky gift by covering it with a fancy wrapper. Gift bags are easy. Although forbidden, it is common practice to eye ball the contents prior to choosing. No touching or shaking, but if the bagger is careless one can often catch a glimpse of the contents. A big box usually means a large item and something that might be hard to store. Not necessarily though. Sometimes it’s a trick and you have to unwrap several boxes to get to the prize. As I said, the table bears scrutiny. I was eyeing the gift table suspiciously during lunch and looking at one particular package, flat, wrapped nicely with a fancy flower garnish. Could it be that after three years absent, the dreaded computer keyboard with the big letters was resurrected? We knew the salt and pepper shaker kit was gone, voted by the group to be thrown out by the last person who got it and I tried to remember who was the last person to “win” the computer keyboard. In any case that gift was crossed of my list of choices, unless both it and I were the last ones standing. Sandy Wagner was the first to choose and guess what? She went straight fort the flower garnish on the flat square package. And guess what? It turned out to be the dreaded keyboard, saved for three years by Laurie Morse and disguised in a square format wrap with extra cardboard. This is the second time Sandy has won that same gift. Laurie Morse could hardly contain her laughter, as Leigh and Sandy had been discussing the dreaded keyboard just prior to the start of the exchange. Fred Cox scored a sexy off the shoulder Santa blouse. He refused to model it for us and traded with Hilda for a beach Santa with a life preserver and striped swimsuit that Tina had purchased for the Holly Day Ride. It was advertised as an inflatable but turned out to be a statue 12 inches tall. We discussed ways to make it inflate. Leigh Wessel unwrapped her package which was in a box that contained a “Pet Petter” machine and declared that you “Never touch your pet again!” The first anomaly was that we couldn’t fathom anyone in the club owning anything that would keep them form petting their pet. But the weirder than that was that Leigh Wessel, dog and cat groomer, and owner of multiple dogs, cats and horses, got the box. We all appreciated the irony of that. We all were fooled because the box did not contain a “Pet Petter” but instead had a 3 bowl relish dish, which Leigh decided was going to become a kitten feeding dish. Rick Wessel got two used horseshoes wrapped in a Budweiser Beer six pack box. The box had no beer but did have several miniatures of rum inside along with the used horseshoe. The irony of that gift was not wasted on the group, and we suggested he bring the minatures to the next Left, Right, Center game. Tina West was brave enough to choose the largest box on the table. It contained a carved wooden Guardian Frog Complete with hula skirt and cocktail umbrella. She promptly named it Fred and declared she would take it camping with her to guard her campsite. Like her dog requires assistance in that endeavor! Not! Other gifts included an ear cleaning kit (pretty tacky but useful), multiple travel bottles of shampoo and conditioner from someone’s hotel stay, and a bucket of tea light candles. All pretty tacky. The Tackiest Gift of all, however, was won by Deb Gruenhagen and was the Toilet Timer, acquired in Las Vegas. It was a five minute hourglass timer on top of which was perched a man on a toilet. Use your imagination to figure out from whence the sand dropped as the timer emptied itself. Great job by everyone one on the gifts and the creativity in acquiring these valuable and entertaining items. Start collecting for next year! Happy Trails! Kasthy Cox

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